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Pelton turbines are impulse turbines. These are generally used for sites having high head and relatively low discharge.

KAPLAN TURBINES – Hydro Turbines

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Kaplan turbines are generally used for sites having low head and high discharge. These give a good performance over a wide range of varying heads.

FRANCIS TURBINE – Hydro Turbines

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Francis turbines have widest range of applications and are generally used for sites having medium head and medium discharge.

Suction Diffuser and Triple Duty Valve

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Suction Diffuser General Description Installed at the inlet of the pump. Serves as a filter to remove suspended debris. Act as a flow straightener and guides pumping media at the...

Solar Pumping System – Packaged System

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Solar Pumping System Site Survey Pump and Motor set Solar Power conditioning unit Solar PV modules Solar panel (for fixing solar modules) Pipes and cables Foundation set (consisting of foundation...

Condition Monitoring System – Packaged System

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Condition Monitoring System The condition monitoring system enables a person to view pump and process parameters via internet. The key features offered by the remote condition monitoring of pump sets...

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